Welcome to the Round Table

This is Eugene's oldest civic club with a unique tradition of members giving talks about topics on a wide range of interest.

The Round Table Club of Eugene, Oregon was founded on November 20, 1912 for "the social and intellectual enjoyment of its members." Implicitly, the Club was also intended to serve as a town-gown organization, providing a forum in which citizens and members of the University of Oregon could share friendship and the opportunity for intellectual growth.

2019 - 2020 
Oct 15

Scott Coltrane - "Fatherhood"

Nov 12

 Bill Sullivan - "The Original Bluetooth"

Dec 10

 Jonathan Stafford - "Foot Bridges"

Jan 14

Steve Shankman "Xenophilia"

2019 - 2020 
Feb 11

Barbara Mossberg

Mar 10

Martha Bayless

Apr 14

Chris Holzapfel and Bill Bradshaw

May 12

Susan Gary

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